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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Science Roadshow!

Today Parnell had a scientific day.  We watched and took part in all sorts of interesting experiments.  Here are a few of our thoughts...
Sid, "The soda gas and mentos made an explosion!  I liked making the jelly."

 Nayna, "We used little shapes to make patterns called tessellation."

Luki, "We liked the hovercraft because we flew in the air."
Ethan, "My favourite thing was the hurdles."
Charlotte, "I thought it was fun because we got to see coke explode!"
Una, "I liked the explosion because we nearly got sprayed!"
Jamie, "My favourite part was when we saw mirrors that made paper burn."
Nazca, "My favourite thing was the tessellation because it easy and you could make all these different shapes."
Sam, "My favourite part was mixing the goo because it got sticky and hard!"
Hugo, "My favourite part was the DNA of broccoli!"
John, "I liked mixing the goo because it was really colourful."
Michael, "I liked the coke best because it was like a real volcano."
Saud, "I liked the salt moving on the plate because I was amazed it moved by sound."

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